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Coffee Break: Brussels

Aktualisiert: 15. Okt. 2020

If you have not been to Brussels in a while that would be understandable. Although so close and so easily reached from Luxembourg, we tend to overlook the Capital of the E.U. probably just because it is so close. So, let us tell you just one good reason to make Brussels your next weekend city trip destination.

What follows is our selection of just 3 of the many excellent independent coffee shops that have sprung up in Brussels. We have visited and tested them all, there are many more to still discover and this list is in no particular order.

Café Capitale

Two steps from ‘La Grande Place’ right in the centre of the capital you can find this very delicately decorated coffeshop. A great spot for people watching if you are sitting outside on a sunny day, but also quiet enough inside to crack a book on their cosy chairs. The coffee is great and the baristas take their time to prepare a cup to be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere. Make sure to try some of their freshly made and wide variety pastries and cakes. Perfect for a stop after visiting the city centre sights.

Bonus Tip: Opposite is a shop that sells and develops 35mm film for all vintage photography fans.

Yuka Espresso Bar

One of the biggest improvements for quality of life that the City of Brussels could have ever done was to close down the central Boulevard Anspach and make it a pedestrian zone. If you remember Brussels before that decision, Boulevard Anspach was the massive permanently gridlocked street right through the heart of the City. Now it is a wonderful walking space with benches and a lot of green. Our next coffeshop is right in there. This is a great space for true coffeeheads, with a selection of different beans and a very knowledgeable owner. The pastry selection might be slimmer than other places but that lack is made up for by a really high grade cup of brew. This is where you come to to get that real delicious morning wake up that will start your day off right. Alternatively, if you just need a quick shot of mid-day energy, it is an espresso bar after all.

Bonus Tip: Retro Video Game Store right across the pedestrian zone.

Moka Coffee & Pastry

This little hole in the wall with a very old school feel makes a real good quality cappucino. With decoration and furniture reminiscent of turn of the century French café. Little round tables and small chairs, this place is the one you have to be in the know to find. It’s not that it is hard to find at all, but you might just run past it. Those that do know though come for a real good fresh cup and stay for a chat and a morning hang out. This is the type of place where locals come to meet up and hang out. Definitively worth checking out.

Bonus Tip: Foxhole Vintage Clothes Store right across the street.


With great service and a very modern feel this place is a favourite among the many expats that call Brussels their home. Come here to have a taste of their great selection of freshly made breakfast with all the coffeeshop breakfast classics. The coffee itself is absolutely fine and beautifully elevated by the interior design. Big windows and high ceilings make this place a joy to be in whatever the weather outside.

Bonus tip: Find this place right next to the storied Theatre House La Monnaie, with it’s stunning architecture.

These are just a few great spots to be discovered in Brussels. Wherever you go, Kea Travel wishes you happy exploring.


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